Inspire is a South African Non-Profit Company (NPC) that works in the Education sector. Our primary aim is to up-skill Educators easily and cost effectively through cutting edge online courses that can be completed from anywhere.

Our Aim

Established in 2018, Inspire strives to reach and uplift Educators from all socio-economicbackgrounds. Our aim to assist disadvantaged South African Educators obtain high quality and relevant online professional development training in order to ensure that Educators are best positioned to teach and shape young minds. Ultimately, Educators are tasked with the huge responsibility of nurturing the minds of our future generations.


In collaboration with The Eduvation Network and a variety of course providers, Inspire is able to provide Educators countrywide with access to top quality online SACE accredited courses for free. The wide range of courses addresses various different areas of training from general discipline and management, inclusive education,subject specific matters and other areas of speciality


Our vision is to provide free, easily accessible, andtop quality online professional development to educators countrywide. We want to inspire and empower educators around South Africa, to be the best educators they can be. Which, in effect will provide a better education to millions of learners. We want educators to feel fully prepared and excited to grow the minds of our youth. In doing so, inspiring the youth to be better learners and wanting to achieve greater results for greater opportunities.

It is important for educators to continuously upskill themselves in their ever-changing school environments. There are so many challenges they have to face every day, from bigger classes, discipline problems, to endless admin and a lack of resources. They are often left to feel burnt-out and undervalued. Therefore, professional development is the last thing on their minds.

We as Inspire want to change this; we want to show educators that they are valued. We want educators to feel that they are acknowledged for what they do; by giving them the skills that won’t only change their lives, the way they teach and how they feel about teaching, but also the lives of their leaners.

It is important to us that we don’t only equip educators with the necessary skills they need to provide a better education to learners. We want to create a movement and a culture where educators are excited to learn new skills and want to become better educators. With the Inspire team behind them for support and cheer them on.