Terms and Conditions

Inspire Charity’s Terms and conditions for each Raffle

  1. The winner must be over 18 years of age at the time of the raffle.
  2. The winner must hold a valid passport with a validity extending up to at least six (6) months from the date of departure.
  3. The winner must not be an employee (or their “relative”) of Inspire Charity or agents of its promoter. For the purposes herein, the term “relative” shall mean spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling.
  4. An entrant is only eligible to enter the secondary competition (if applicable) if they enter the main competition as well.
  5. The raffle draw shall take place at the end of each month. This is referred to as the raffle period.
  6. Each entrant shall be entitled to enter throughout the raffle period by submitting their entry online through the Promoters or Inspire Charity’s website. Entry into the raffle is according to each raffles terms and conditions as advertised.
  7. The winner must have purchased at least 1 ticket for the current raffle period.
  8. Raffle tickets will only be eligible to be entered into the draw on confirmation by Inspired Charity that the payment has been received in full.
  9. Any ticket payments received after the closing date will be considered as a donation to Inspire Charity.
  10. Inspire Charity accepts no responsibility for raffle tickets that are lost, damaged, illegible or from which the prize winner cannot be identified.
  11. The winner is responsible where necessary for obtaining appropriate health documentation.
  12. Inspire Charity shall not be responsible for arranging travel insurance, medical insurance, transport expenses or any expenses of a personal nature unless specifically included in the terms and conditions of the prizes.
  13. Inspire Charity shall not be responsible for the inability of any winner to utilize the prize, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to a visa not being issued.
  14. Inspire Charity shall not be responsible for claims of any nature whatsoever for any loss, illness, bodily injury including death of any winner and/or its companion during and/or in course of the package.
  15. Inspire Charity shall not be responsible for the payment of any taxes or other charges as may be required by law or other regulations other than as advertised.
  16. Only tickets sold by the last date of each raffle period of the current draw will be entered into the draw and stand a chance to win the prize.
  17. By entering the raffle, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions, which shall be interpreted by Inspire Charity at their sole discretion.
  18. The draw will be made by a registered Auditor after the last day of each raffle period.
  19. Winning raffle tickets will be drawn randomly and the results of the draw will be final.
  20. Inspire Charity’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  21. To claim the prize, winners must present at least one (1) valid ID and proof of the winning ticket.
  22. Each winner will be contacted within 20 days of the closing date by phone or Email.
  23. In the event that we cannot contact the winner within 28 days after the draw, the prize will be awarded to a new winner.
  24. The prizes will be awarded as described within the promotion. The prizes are not exchangeable or transferable and not convertible to cash.
  25. If any winner is subsequently found ineligible to participate in any raffle, Inspire Charity may at its sole discretion forfeit or reclaim the prize and award or dispose of the same in such manner and to such person as they deem fit.
  26. Winners of this competition will be announced publically.
  27. By entering the competition, the winners confirm their agreement to take part in any associated publicity.
  28. Money raised by this raffle will support various charities as advertised within the promotion.
  29. Inspire Charity is registered with the National Lotteries Commission and licensed to operate this raffle. If you would like more information about raffles and lotteries please go to nlcsa.org.za
  30. In the event of an error, however caused, whether a printing error or otherwise, and whether obvious or otherwise, which affects the raffle in any way, the organisers reserve the right to fairly administer the raffle as though the error had not occurred. Where the organisers deem it appropriate and/or feasible Inspire Charity will notify entrants of the error.
  31. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the disqualification of the entry. Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their absolute discretion
  32. Any complaints related to the raffle should be sent in writing to: Inspire Charity giving full details of the complaint and supporting documentation. Details of where to send the complaint can be obtained from Inspire Charity’s website on Inspirecharity.co.za
  33. Neither Inspire Charity nor any other person or party associated with the raffle shall be liable for any loss nor damage (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or damage) suffered or sustained in connection with either participation in this raffle or with the prizes offered.
  34. Inspire Charity disclaims any warranty or representation in relation to the prizes (except for cash) and shall not be responsible for the proper functioning of the prizes or any defect, loss or injury resulting from the use of the prizes.
  35. By entering the raffle each entrant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless Inspire Charity and it’s promoters, its legal representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents from any damages whatsoever suffered, sustained or allegedly sustained in connection the raffle or the acceptance of the Prize.
  36. Inspire Charity reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel, alter or amend the competition at any stage if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise outside of its control. These terms and conditions shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  37. Inspire Charity reserves the right, at any time, to cancel, modify or suspend the raffle if, in its sole judgment, the raffle is not capable of being conducted as specified. Should that occur, all funds received will be refunded.
  38. Inspire Charity respects, and is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information you provide will remain private and will only be used for the purposes outlined here.
  39. By accepting these terms and conditions all participants (i.e. the data subjects) agree that personal data shall be collected and processed by Inspire Charity and stored on their database and used for the administration of its ongoing relationship with participants and in connection with the raffle. All participants have the right to access their personal data by writing to Inspire Charity from which details can be obtained from their website as published above.
  40. These Terms and Conditions supersede all other prior terms and conditions, understandings, arrangements or agreements, whether verbal or written, in relation to the raffle.
  41. We recognise that gambling can be a problem for some. If you are worried about your gambling you can request to be excluded from entering the raffle competition. The exclusion will begin 48 hours after we receive your notification to our address above and you then won’t receive any raffle information from us unless otherwise stipulated. These exclusions will last for at least six months and can be extended to a total of at least five years. We will continue our policy of not sending any raffle information to you at the end of the applicable self-exclusion period unless we receive a request to the contrary from you.